Stephen Krewson

I am a PhD student in the department of English at Yale University, where I research the interplay between progressive education and print media across the long nineteenth century. I earned my MS in Computer Science from Yale's School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2018.

For contact and additional information, please see my academic vita or professional résumé. I'm on Twitter @StephenKrewson.


Recent and upcoming presentations.

Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Workshop on Risk
New Haven, CT: May 15, 2019
"Patient Images"
Yale-Smithsonian Workshop on Machine Vision for Cultural Heritage & Natural Science Collections
New Haven, CT: April 26, 2019
"Mining the Medical Heritage Library"
Society of Early Americanists Biennial Conference
Eugene, OR: February 28, 2019
"Visual Borrowing Practices in Lydia Maria Child's Juvenile Miscellany"


Extracting Illustrated Pages from Digital Libraries with Python
The Programming Historian 8 (2019)

Research Projects

For the Medical Heritage Library, I've been working on a two-stage filter for identifying and extracting historical medical illustrations. The results of this process (which uses the Mask-RCNN algorithm for image localization) can be seen on Flickr. Working with the MHL consortium's 260,000+ volumes has enabled me to create visualizations that start to answer some basic questions about how medical publishing was affected by new image-making technology. This zoomable chart shows that the ratio of illustrated to unillustrated pages tripled in London-printed books over the nineteenth century.

A grant from the Yale DH Lab funded development for my Illustration Collation prototype. In the example, twelve different editions of John Newbery's The Newtonian System of Philosophy Adapted to the Capacities of young Gentlemen and Ladies [...] (1761) are arranged in a grid that allows for common pictorial elements to be aligned in columns. The format shows the emergence or disappearance of visual subjects in a clear, intuitive way. For instance, a hot air ballon first appears in William Magnet's updated London edition of 1794 (and becomes visually sticky, appearing in all subsequent editions). Note: I am seeking collaborators and funding to add a backend database to Illustration Collation and use deep learning to auto-populate the grid with images for user-uploaded sets of editions.


Recent courses taught.
ENGL 114: Dopamine and Its Discontents
Yale University: Fall 2018
Instructor of Record
CPSC 201: Introduction to Computer Science
Yale University: Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Head Teaching Fellow and Course Manager
HUMS 304: The Grid: Data, History, Visualization
Yale University, Spring 2016
Co-Instructor of Record
CPSC 100: Introduction to Computing and Programming
Yale University, Fall 2015
Teaching Fellow


I co-organize Modern Love, an inclusive, underground dance music party in New Haven. For my DJ mixes and producing, please visit Mixcloud and SoundCloud, respectively.

For 2018-2020, I am chair of admissions for the Elizabethan Club. The club is private but welcoming of guests and seeking to become more diverse. If you are interested in viewing our collections or in membership (undergraduate, graduate, associate, guest), please get in touch!

I enjoy solving math and programming problems at Project Euler.