I am a graduate student in English (PhD, 2019) and Computer Science (MS, 2018) at Yale University. This site contains my blog and live drafts of my current research projects. As a literary historian, I study how "practical education" and mass-produced media shaped each other in the early nineteenth century. Within computer science, I'm interested in techniques for extracting and clustering historical book illustrations. I am the course manager for CPSC 201 and I try to stay active with functional programming and at the intersection of signal processing and art.

Feel free to write me at firstname dot lastname at yale dot edu. I am interested in the conversations and accountability that may arise from making all my research public in real time. This is what I look like (click for full size image).

Stephen Krewson CS50 Staff Photo (2016)


Attempts to port some Python glitch art projects to the web (using React). Prototype of Yale DH Lab project for book illustration collation (developed by Performant Software).