Stephen Krewson

I am a PhD student in the department of English at Yale University, where I research the interplay between progressive education and media across the long nineteenth century.

For contact and additional information, please see my academic vita or professional résumé. I'm on Twitter @StephenKrewson.


For the Medical Heritage Library, I've been working on a two-stage filter for identifying and extracting historical medical illustrations. The results of this process (which uses the Mask-RCNN algorithm for image localization) can be seen on Flickr. Working with the MHL consortium's 260,000+ volumes has enabled me to create visualizations that start to answer some basic questions about how medical publishing was affected by new image-making technology. This zoomable chart shows that the ratio of illustrated to unillustrated pages tripled in London-printed books over the nineteenth century.

A grant from the Yale DH Lab funded development of a prototype for my Illustration Collation tool. In the example, twelve different editions of John Newbery's The Newtonian System of Philosophy Adapted to the Capacities of young Gentlemen and Ladies [...] (1761) are arranged in a grid that allows for common pictorial elements to be aligned in columns. The format shows the emergence or disappearance of visual subjects in a clear, intuitive way. For instance, a hot air ballon first appears in William Magnet's updated London edition of 1794 (and becomes visually sticky, appearing in all subsequent editions).

I am seeking collaborators and funding to add a backend database to Illustration Collation and use deep learning to auto-populate the grid with images for user-uploaded sets of editions.


Recent courses taught. Under construction.
ENGL 114: Dopamine and Its Discontents
Yale University: Fall 2018
Instructor of Record
CPSC 201: Introduction to Computer Science
Yale University: Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Head Teaching Fellow and Course Manager
HUMS 304: The Grid: Data, History, Visualization
Yale University, Spring 2016
Co-Instructor of Record
CPSC 100: Introduction to Computing and Programming
Yale University, Fall 2015
Teaching Fellow


Extracting Illustrated Pages from Digital Libraries with Python
The Programming Historian 8 (2019)


I co-organize Modern Love, an inclusive, underground dance music party in New Haven. For my DJ mixes and producing, please visit Mixcloud and SoundCloud, respectively.

I enjoy solving math and programming problems at Project Euler.