Peter Parley walked with a cane on account of the gout. Robert Merry woke to find his left leg had been amputated following a skirmish with Indians during the War of 1812. General Howitz's left knee was shattered by a bullet in an unspecified Indian war. Both Merry and Howitz sported wooden legs.

legs were afflicted with gout. When he tried to walk, it hurt. Parley was Robert Merry, a fellow and slicreation of Samuel G.

vol 3 p. 208 in PDF is phantom limb discussion, right before CHAT

4.281: merry working in bookshop, mentions rollo!

Merry's uncle too indulgent, and runs a tavern. Young Merry and friend Keeler are too precocious with firearms. Very interesting: "words and music written for Merry's Museum" couple of songs

Pat Pflieger, GET THIS Letters from nineteenth-century children to Robert Merry's museum magazine WOW, had not connected the dots. The coz are the "cousins" of Merry/Goodrich's public. This was the genesis of Pflieger's work on this topic.

mixing up of parley and merry

Stuff about jug letters and Parley invention is relevent here

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