Hard to Please

i don’t like how big space is but i would also
not like it if space were small. there is just
no pleasing me

I’m terrified both of death and drifting
through space for all eternity. There’s just
no pleasing me.

I do not like how big
space is.

But I’d also
not like if space
were small. There is

no pleasing me.

I’m terrified both
of death and drifting

(through space, for all

there’s just no pleasing me.


How BIG space is I do not like,
but neither would I like, at all,
if space were small. There is, you see,

no pleasing me. And terrorized
still by death, I drift through space
as one not pleased, nor pleasing,
nor at rest.


How has the space between us
grown this big? I’m starting to
get a bit worried.

But I don’t like how you
always make me feel
so small.

Please, like anyone could fix it.


Perpetual stuck-ness, perpetual motion,
it’s known from certain laws of conservation

that were I to achieve whichever
I’d still remain attracted to the other.